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1970 Director/Editor/Co-script/Production Company Sweet And Sexy * (Liongrade for Miracle Films) Anthony Sloman
1970 Editor TV Commercials: Twix, Fragonade, Mon Cheri, Curly-Wurly, etc. (Gerry Poulson & Associates) Various
1971 Director/Production Company Not Tonight Darling! * (Mintdene for Border Films) Anthony Sloman
1971 Co-script Kathy (unrealised) To Be Dir.: Anthony Sloman
1971 Sound editor The Manipulator 'Fred Wilson' (Pseudonym: Mario Girolami and Alberto de Martino)
1972 Assistant Editor Man Alive TV series (Prod. Desmond Wilcox for BBC TV)  

Programmes: Could Do Better (i) and (ii)

The Right Time To Die

Shirley Fisher

David Filkin

1972 Director/Script The Father Christmas Film (Insert for O Lucky Man!) Anthony Sloman/Lindsay Anderson
1972 Co-script Maudric (unrealised) To Be Dir.: Anthony Sloman
1972 Co-script The Girl Hunt (unrealised) To Be Dir.: Anthony Sloman
1972 Assistant Editor Panorama (BBC TV) ------------
1972 Editor World Cinema - Pandora's Box (Prod. David Francis for BBC TV) G. W. Pabst
1972 Editor Hold It! (Prod. Ringo Starr) (uncompleted) Sharrock Hatami
1972 Co-script/Original Story Kiss Yesterday Goodbye (unrealised) To Be Dir.: Anthony Sloman
1972 2nd Assistant Editor Vault Of Horror Roy Ward Baker
1972-73 Assistant Sound Editor and Assistant Editor Son Of Dracula Freddie Francis
1973 Assistant Editor Man Alive TV series (Prod. Desmond Wilcox for BBC TV)  

Programme: Pop Into Your Local Before It Disappears

Tom Conway
1973 Assistant Editor Tuesday Documentary: The Big Eat (BBC TV) Michael Weigall
1973 Sound Editor Man In The Woods (Anglia TV) Alan Gibson
1973 Sound Editor Tuesday Documentary: Graham Hill's Shadow (BBC TV) Ramsay Short
1973 Sound Editor Orson Welles' Great Mysteries TV series (Prod. John Jacobs for 20th Century Fox/Anglia TV)  

Episodes: Battle Of Wits

Come Into My Parlour

A Terribly Strange Bed

The Monkey's Paw

The Dinner Party

The Inspiration Of Mr Budd

Captain Rogers

La Grande Breteche

For Sale - Silence

Unseen Alibi

Death Of An Old-Fashioned Girl

James Ferman

Peter Sasdy

Alan Cooke

Alan Gibson

John Robins

Peter Sasdy

Alan Gibson

Peter Sasdy

Peter Sykes

Mark Cullingham

Alan Gibson

1973 Editor Orson Welles' Great Mysteries TV series

Episode: First Thirteen Narrations

Orson Welles and Peter Bogdanovitch
1973 Sound Editor Money With Menaces (Anglia TV) Philip Saville
1973 Editor An Invitation To The Wedding Of HRH Princess Anne And Captain Mark Phillips (20th Century Fox TV) Harry Rasky
1973 Sound Editor and Post-Production Supervisor The Big Cats Of Africa Dick Thomsett
1974 Sound Editor Weekend Guest (Anglia TV) John Jacobs
1974 Editor ILEA Productions for ETV  

Programmes: Social Studies: Teaching

Social Science For Teachers

Parents Need To Know: Schools

Parents Need To Know: Employers

Parents Need To Know: The Parents' Role

Persuasion II

Tooting Police Station

North London Polytechnic

My Street, Your Street

Loaded Language

Alma Gray

Alam Gray

Sandy Andrews

Sandy Andrews

Sandy Andrews

Jan Mathew

Meg Trace

Meg Trace

Angela Brook

Jan Mathew

1974 Assistant Editor Can You Keep It Up For A Week?* Jim Atkinson
1974 Editor Can You Keep It Up For A Week? 'U' and'X' trailers Jim Atkinson
1974 Sound Effects Editor 'Nasty' Nastase Derek Robbins
1974 Assistant Sound Effects Editor Children Of Rage Arthur Allan Seidelman
1974 Sound Editor The Way South * John Dawson
1974 Editor Canterbury Walk Meg Trace
1975 Editor One Road Leads To London * Meg Trace
1975 Editor Vanessa's Nursery School (ETV) Meg Trace
1975 Assembly Editor and Sound Editor The Economist John Goldschmidt
1975 Editor Keep Britain In Europe: Programmes 1 and 4 (for Charles Guggenhiem) Justin Cartwright
1975 Sound Editor Watch Out! Roy Marshall
1975 Screeenplay/Co-original Story Walk Into My Past (unrealised) To Be Dir.: Anthony Sloman
1975 Sound Editor The Memory Of Justice * Marcel Ophuls
1975 Editor Alice Cooper: Welcome To My Nightmare * David Winters
1975 Screenplay The Marvelous Land Of Oz (for producer David Winters) (unrealised) ------------
1975-76 Assistant Editor John And The Magic Music Man * Ciarin Scott
1976 Assistant Editor Circasia (for Kevin McClory) John McColgon and Briain MacLocklainn
1976 Screenplay Poison In The Mind (for producers Chris Burt and Michael R Soan) (unrealised) ------------
1976 Assistant Dialogue Editor The Pink Panther Strikes Again Blake Edwards
1976 Trailer Script The Eagle Has Landed John Sturges
1976 Sound Editor Summer of '76: The Fun Of The Fair (BBC TV) Julian Cooper
1976 Assistant Editor The Last Remake Of 'Beau Geste' Marty Feldman
1977 Editor British Airways Leisure Flight * (Cygnet Films) Tony Halton
1977 Assistant Sound Effects Editor Valentino * Ken Russell
1977 Assistant Editor ILEA: 'Where We Live' Programmes 4, 10, 12 and 14 (ETV) Angela Brook
1977 Sound Editor The Cat And The Canary * Radley Metzger
1977 Editor ILEA: 'Where We Live' Programme 15: Around And About (ETV) Angela Brook
1977 Screenplay Strangers (for producer Ladi Ladebo) (unrealised) ------------
1977 Sound Editor Perkembangan Alamiah (Natural Development) Luqman Keele
1977 Additional Assistant Editor The Big Sleep Michael Winner
1977 Associate Record Album Co-ordinator Equus Sidney Lumet
1977 Additional Assistant Editor Caravans James Fargo
1977 Screen Treatment For Adaptation Magpie (for producer Peter Hayden) (unrealised) ------------
1977 Sound Editor Count Dracula (BBC TV) Philip Saville
1977 -78 Sound Editor The Class Of Miss MacMichael * Silvio Narizzano
1978 Sound Editor Son Of Hitler * Rod Amateau
1978 Sound Editor Summer Of My German Soldier (L.C.A. - CBS TV) Michael Tuchner
1978 Screenplay Partners (for producer Peter Fetterman) (unrealised) ------------
1979 Editor Radio On * Christopher Petit
1979 Screenplay The Great Oregon Kidnap Caper (uncompleted) Tom Shaw (also prod.)
1979 Trailer Editor Zulu Dawn Douglas Hickox
1979 English Dialogue Editor Deathwatch Bertrand Tavernier
1979 Editor Trucking * Leszek Burzynski

* = Credited


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