Complete Listing - The Eighties

* = Credited

Date Position / Film Title


1980 Post-production Supervisor European Folk Tales (for prod. John Halas) ------------
1980 Editor German TV Commercials: Sport Billy, Shuard, Speilzeitung, etc. (Halas & Batchelor) ------------
1980 Screen Treatment and Adaption Moonlighting (for prod. John R. Foster) (unrealised) To Be Dir.: David Drury
1980 English Dialogue Editor TV version The Rose Mark Rydell
1980 Trailer Script and Editor Prostitute Tony Garnett
1980 Trailer Editor The Long Good Friday John MacKenzie
1980 Post-production Supervisor and Director Arabic Version Films 1 to 8 Go For Goal! Tony Maylam

Editor Dance Craze*

Joe Massot
1981 Additional Sound Editor Shock Treatment Jim Sharman
1981 Trailer Script and Editor Dance Craze Joe Massot
1981 Screen Treatment and Adaptation Empress Josephine (for prod. Terence Pritchard) (unrealised) ------------
1981 Editor Making Merry (ETV) Howard Rees
1981 Editor Artiste's Tests (Ingrid Bergman) A Woman Called Golda Alan Gibson
1981 'Teaser' Trailer Director The Mouse And The Woman Karl Francis
1981 Editor The Visit* George Akers
1981 Producer/Co-script/Co-original story O To Be In England (unrealised) To Be Dir: Silvio Narizzano
1981 Additional Assistant Editor The Secret Policeman's Other Ball Julian Temple
1981 U.K. Casting Director You Asked For It! (Sandy Frank Productions Inc.) ------------
1981 Release Script Editor Blood Tide Richard Jeffries
1982 Associate Producer The Merry Widow (unrealised) To Be Dir.: John Guillermin
1982 Promo Script and Promo Editor The Nutcracker Anwar Kawadri
1982 Editor Workseekers (ILEA/ETV) Alma Gray
1982 Finalist Film Buff Of The Year 1982 (BBC TV) John Buttery
1982 Sound Editor Ascendancy* Edward Bennett
1982 Trailer Editor Ascendancy

Edward Bennett

1982 Editor TV Commercials: McCain Morjuice, Steiner Furniture, Cadbury's Dairy Milk (Ireland), etc. ------------
1982 Supervising Editor TV Commercial: Hartley's Strawberry Jam (Clearwater) ------------
1982 Editor Almonds And Raisins* Russ Karel
1982 English Dialogue Editor Tenebrae Dario Argento
1982 Sound Editor and Post-production Supervisor Palms And Dates Sohail Hashmi
1982 Editor Pterydactyl and Thermography (RAI TV) Ascania Baldesseroni
1982 English Dialogue Editor The Scarlet And The Black Jerry London
1983 Editor Starship (RAI TV) Ascania Baldesseroni
1983 Co-script White Edge (unrealised) To Be Dir.: Anthony Sloman
1983 Sound Editor The Bounty Roger Donaldson
1983 Editor The New Swinging London* Ascania Baldesseroni

Editor Paula Fille Della Torre/Wrong Mothers And Daughters/Hanging/Profumu/Magic Eye (RAI TV)

Aldo Morelli

Sound Editor Man On The Screen* (HTV)

Alastair Reid
1983 Editor Pubs Ascania Baldesseroni
1983 Editor Teaser Trailer Supergirl Jeannot Swarzc
1983 Trailer Editor Lionman II - The Witchqueen Michael Arslan
1983 Dialogue Editor The Master Of Ballantrae* (HTV) Douglas Hickox

Sound Editor Where Is Parsifal?*

Henri Helman
1984 Supervising Dubbing Editor The Company Of Wolves* Neil Jordan
1984 Sound Effects Editor and Sound Editor TV version Mata Hari* Curtis Harrington
1984-85 Dubbing Editor Shadey* Philip Saville
1985 Dubbing Editor Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire* Alan Clarke
1985-86 Dubbing Editor Act Of Vengance John MacKenzie
1986 Co-screenwriter Art Attack (unrealised) ------------

Dubbing Editor Born Of Fire*

Jamil Dehlavi
1986 Screenplay Writer Catwalk (unrealised) To Be Dir.: Anthony Sloman
1986 Screenplay Writer Fifth Avenue(unrealised) To Be Dir.: Anthony Sloman
1986 Editor The Pink Floyd: On The Run Storm Thorgensen
1986-87 Dubbing Editor Empire State* Ron Peck
1987 Interviewer: Stephen Sondheim Guardian Lecture (for the BFI / NFT) ------------
1987-88 Dubbing Editor The Fruit Machine* (U.S. Title: Wonderland) Philip Saville
1988 Interviewer: Walter Matthau Guardian Lecture (for the BFI / NFT) ------------
1988 Interviewer: Mickey Rooney Guardian Lecture (for the BFI / NFT) ------------
1988 Interviewer: Robert Morley Guardian Lecture (for the BFI / NFT) ------------
1988 Additional Sound Editor The Last Warrior Martin Wragge
1988 Editor The Last Emperor (70mm German Version) Bernardo Bertolucci
1988 Dialogue Editor Tank Malling* James Marcus
1989 Interviewer: Sir David Lean Guardian Lecture (for the BFI / NFT) ------------
1989 Dubbing Editor London's Burning: Series II* (for LWT) Various
1989 Editor Istanbul Mahts Ahrens
1989 Interviewer: Richard Todd Guardian Lecture (for the BFI / NFT) ------------
1989 Screenplay Writer Atlantis (unrealised) ------------
1989 Editor Absolut Vodka: Absolut Silence Christopher Gowar

Research and Programming Cointreau Seasons (for the National Film Theatre)

1989 Author/Screen Treatment Go Away Little Girl (unrealised) To Be Dir.: Anwar Kawadri
1989 Editor Anarchist Rap/Safe Sex/Battered Women (for the BBC) Various
1989 Editor Maggie's Secret (AKA The Rape) (uncompleted) Maggie James
1989 Interviewer: Stanley Donen Guardian Lecture (for the BFI / NFT) ------------
1989 Editor Clingfilm and Reebok Television Training Films (for the BBC) ------------

* = Credited


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